Heat Treating Symposium

ASM Education Symposium on Heat Treating

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Topic:  The Cleveland Chapter of ASMI will be offering a one-day technical symposium on Heat Treating.  The symposium is the Chapter’s annual education event and provides Chapter members and other interested parties the opportunity to improve their knowledge and network on the current topic. 



     Location:  Ohio Aerospace Institute  

     22800 Cedar Point Rd, Brook Park, OH

     Date: May 3, 2017

     Time: 8:00AM-5:00PM

     Audience:  Engineers, sales, marketing, students, teachers.

Speakers and Topics:

Full List of Presentations


1)      Low Pressure Carburizing and Gas Quenching Processes (Lynn Ferguson – Dante Solutions)

2)      Salt bath processing -  (Steve Kowalski - KHT)

3)      Fast quench HIPping (Dr. Anders Eklund – Quintus)

4)      Heat Treating of Additive Manufactured Parts (Bob Hill – Solar Atmospheres)

5)      An Approach to Lean Heat Treating (Joe Powell - Akron Steel Treating)

6)      Applications of Induction Hardening (Rob Goldstein-Fluxtrol)

7)      Vacuum Heat Treating (Nick Suchoski - Pregl Services)

8)      Quench-Polish-Quench and Nitriding (Shade McMillen – H&M Metal Processing)

9)      Controls and System Connectivity (Jim Oakes – Super Systems Inc.)


Talks should provide an overview of the topic, local involvement in the field, state-of-the art, weaknesses and deficiencies, and estimation of future trends. 


Exhibits:  In addition to talks, attendees are welcome to bring company displays and literature highlighting their contributions to this and other engineering fields.


Registration:  Online registration is available at the Chapter’s Website.  Registration fee is $100.  Registrants will receive 6 hours of CEU time towards their PE license.


Symposium Registration 2017


For further information, please contact:

Dr. Bradley Lerch, FASM

Tel: (216) 433-5522

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Chapter Website:  http://www.asmcleveland.com/education.html