Tour of Stork Herron Testing Laboratory, Inc.

Tour of Stork Herron Testing Laboratory, Inc.

established in 1911

4:00 - 6:00 pm Laboratory Tour
Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Host: Mark Bixby, Sales Manager

Stork Herron Testing Laboratories celebrates 100 years supporting Ohio industry

Join us for a tour of this century old full service material testing laboratory located in the Cleveland Area servicing the Midwest.

Stork Herron Provides: Mechanical Testing, Metallurgical & Failure Analysis, Chemical Evaluation, Non Destructive Testing, Welding Technology & Evaluation, Product Testing, and Consulting.

Our Laboratory employs 50 people in a 35,000 square foot facility. Stork Herron is part of Stork Materials Technology and backed by 3i out of London. Stork Materials Technology is comprised of 13 labs in the US and 14 labs in Europe.

The Cleveland materials and product testing laboratory, Stork Herron Testing Laboratories, is having a year-long centennial celebration. Employees plan to honor the business and its history in a number of activities and events throughout the year, including creating a historical display in the Schaaf Road facility, inviting speakers from the Cleveland Historical Society and the Herron family, and winding up the year with an Open House event that will take place in September.

General Manager Mike Gaydos said, "In 1911, James Herron built a company that would outlive him by 60 years and is still going strong in 2011. We are very excited to have the opportunity to recognize Mr. Herron and his family for 100 years of service to the industries of Ohio and the surrounding region. Today, Stork Herron has global ties and provides services all around the world, thanks to the strong foundation and culture of service that he established. We owe him a lot and we hope everyone will join us in celebrating his accomplishments."


Stork Herron Testing Laboratory, Inc.
5405 E. Schaaf Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44131

Participants should plan to arrive between 4:00pm-5:30pm at the front lobby and check-in for ITAR screening. Participants must be pre-registered and a US Person for entry. The attire should be business casual. No tennis or open toed shoes allowed. Safety glasses are required and will be provided for those not in possession of them. The laboratory tour will take approximately 20 minutes and tour groups will be departing at 20 minute intervals from the meeting room. Light refreshments and h'ors deouvres will be served.


Pre-registration is required and only the first 65 registered will be accepted. There is no charge associated.

For more information on Stork-Herron history and centennial celebration down load this 2 page summary.