Value Added Services in the Heat Treating Industry

October 14, 2013



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Heat Treaters have come a long way from just hardening a customer’s parts. Value added servicesare those additional operations that any company, not just heat treaters, can provide to their customers to add value to their product or service. These additional operations vary from one heat treater to another and are dictated by the customer’s needs. Some common ones would be pre- or post heat treatment cleaning, various inspections, packaging, and KANBAN shipping. Sometimes, the service is just to meet a preference for a specific customer, like vapor honing after heat treatment to provide a clean part. This might not be a requirement on a blueprint, but it meets the individual desire of a customer. Other times, the value added service is another required step in the production of the part, and by providing that service, it saves the customer time and money. For example, by having one source to heat treat and then blast the parts afterward, a customer does not need to search for the blasting source, qualify them, provide credit information, and deal with billing for yet another supplier. One stop, one pick-up, one set of paperwork, one check to write and often a quicker turnaround for two steps, instead of one, that are required in the manufacturing of the part.

Deidra Vanas Minerd, Euclid Heat Treating

Deidra graduated in 1997 from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering and worked as a Sales Engineer at Thermodisc, a division of Emerson Electric, from 1997-1998. 

Currently she represents Euclid Heat Treating as a sales engineer , a cost estimator, and manages the shop floor system, which is Visual Shop. She is also a member of ASMI, Cleveland Chapter.

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Crowne Plaza Hotel
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