ASM Cleveland December Meeting- Heat Treater’s Night

December 14th, 2015

Technical Chairman: Aaron LaLonde


IQ Technologies


  • 5:45 Social & Networking
  • 6:30 Dinner
  • 7:30 Presentation

Speakers Title:    

Dr. Michael Aronov

Presentation Title:

Basics Of The IQ Process, Its Benefits And Practical Applications


An intensive quenching (IQ) process is an alternative method for hardening steel parts that uses highly agitated plain water instead of environmentally non-friendly quench oils or polymers.  The IQ process was originated by Dr. Kobasko of Ukraine in 1964 and is being commercialized in the United States and overseas by IQ Technologies, Inc. of Akron, Ohio.  The IQ technique provides steel parts with superior mechanical properties and performance characteristics.  At the same time, the IQ process reduces the cost of steel parts by allowing the use of plain carbon or lower alloy steels, reduces overall cost of heat treatment by the elimination of the quench oil and associated costs and by the reduction or full elimination of the carburizing cycle. This talk will focus on basic principles of the IQ process, its benefits and practical applications.  Videos showing IQ equipment in operation will be provided.  Challenges in commercialization of the IQ technology will be discussed.

Dr. Michael Aronov is Chief Executive Officer  IQ Technologies Inc of Akron, Ohio.  He got his Bachelor degree in Science and Master degree in Thermal Science and Fluid Dynamics from the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute in Russia.  Dr. Aronov received his Ph.D. degree in Thermal Science and Engineering from the Institute of Metallurgical Thermal Engineering also in Russia. Dr. Aronov has more than 40 years of extensive experience in experimental research and mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer,  in the design and development of heating and cooling systems for forging and heat-treating applications. He is an author and co-author of more than 70 technical papers, 10 patents and two books.

Meeting Location:

Crowne Plaza Hotel

5300 Rockside Rd

Independence, OH 44131

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