ASM Cleveland November 2016 meeting

November 21st, 2016 - Student Night

Technical Chairman: Mark DeGuire

Guest Speaker:      

Dr. Alp Sehirlioglu

Dept. Materials Science & Engineering, Case Western Reserve University

Lecture Title:

"New Breakthroughs in and Challenges for the Future of Ferroelectric-Piezoelectrics"


Piezoelectrics are going through another renaissance over the last two decades. Discovery of charged domain boundaries and low symmetry phases stimulated a great amount of research on fundamental science of ferroelectric piezoelectrics and some of these discoveries have already led to drastic enhancements in performance of devices. This talk will give examples of three applications where the active piezoelectric components are at different stages of development. (i) Engineered domain states in PMN-PT single crystals used in transducers (e.g., medical ultrasound, hydrophones). (ii) High temperature ferroelectric piezoelectrics currently under development for extreme environment actuators (e.g., fuel modulation in jet engines, drilling on the surface of Venus). (iii) Electrocaloric effect for refrigeration cycles (e.g. heat pumps). The objective of the presentation is to show the difficulties that arise in control of the multi-scale (ionic-, domain- and micro-) structure and their effects on dielectric and electromechanical properties. However, it will also highlight the opportunities they provide. Concepts that will be introduced include macroscopic symmetry, onset of depoling and electrothermal effect.

List of Poster Presentations for Nov 2016 Meeting


6:00 Student Poster Session ** Please Note Time Change**

6:45 Dinner

7:15 Presentation


Meeting Location (Link):

Case Western Reserve University

Thwing Center Room 201

10900 Euclid Ave.

Cleveland, OH 44106


Parking available at Severance Garage, or street parking around University Circle.


Dinner Selections:

Dinner will be a buffet.

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Speaker Bio

Warren E. Rupp Asst. Prof. Alp Sehirlioglu is the newest member of the faculty at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University (2014). He completed his B.S in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering at Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey). He received his M.S in Ceramics Engineering at Alfred University and Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Before joining the faculty, he was working as a Research Assistant Professor at the same department and at NASA Glenn Research Center. His research interests include energy conversion materials - with a focus on extreme environments - and oxide based hetero-interfaces. He is the recipient of 2011 AFOSR Young Investigator Award and Charles F. Lucks Award by International Thermal Conductivity Conference (ITCC) (2009). He was the plenary presenter at the 30th ITCC (2009) and 17th US-Japan Seminar on Dielectric and Piezoelectric Ceramics(2015). He also received two NASA Special Achievement Team Awards as a part of Thermoelectrics Team and PPU Capacitor Failure Investigation Team. He is the secretary-elect of Electronics Division at the American Ceramic Society and Ferroelectric committee member and Publications Chair at IEEE-UFFC.


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