National Officers Night & Awards Night

Monday, May 11th, 2009

National Officers Night & Awards Night
Technical Chair: Sunniva Collins

5:45 Social Hour
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Presentation: Maritime Archaeology—Preserving the CSS H.L. Hunley

Jon D. Tirpak – Executive Director, Advanced Technology Institute (ATI)

Jon D. Tirpak, ASM Trustee, FASM, is executive director, program manager, and principal investigator at the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI). Prior to his 12 years at ATI, he was the net shape program manager for the corporate technology laboratory at Aeroquip Corp. (1993-96) and program manager at Universal Technology Corp. (1989-93). He served with the U.S. Air Force from 1982-88, and for two years was a program manager for the USAF Ballistic Missile Office. During his tenure as chairman of the ASM Federal Affairs Committee, Tirpak worked to ensure that the committee's activities were aligned with the ASM Strategic Plan. Through his efforts with the American Metalcasting Consortium and Forging Industry Association’s Department of Defense Manufacturing Consortium (FDMC), he has worked to balance the need for modernizing older, workhorse industries while promoting the development of emerging technologies and the materials that make them possible. Tirpak has also served as program manager for the Defense Logistics Agency's PROFAST (Procurement Readiness Optimization - Forging Advanced Systems Technologies) Program and On-Demand Manufacturing Program, and the U.S. Army's Vanadium Technology Program. He is presently the Forging Advanced Systems Technologies (FAST) Program Manager. 

An ASM Fellow, Tirpak received his bachelor's in metallurgical engineering from Lafayette College and his master's in materials engineering from the University of Dayton. He is a member of the ASM New Products & Services and Events Committees, and has served as secretary of the ASM Dayton Chapter.  Beyond ATI and ASM International he does what his children and wife, Angie, do!

Meeting Location:

ASM World Headquarters
9639 Kinsman Road
Materials Park, OH 44073

 Maritime Archaeology—Preserving the CSS H.L. Hunley

The H.L. Hunley was the first submarine to sink an enemy ship in combat on February 17, 1864. The Hunley was also lost that day and successfully recovered from the sea off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A., in August of 2000. The H.L. Hunley represents an exciting future in maritime archaeology and conservation science. From its shrouded birth to its climactic sinking to the present day, the H.L. Hunley continues to draw attention from local traditionalists, to national historians, to international scientists all fascinated with various aspects of the submarine such as the crew's lives and personal artifacts, the war which spawned its development, the innovators that designed and built the vessel, and the conservators charged with stabilizing, preserving and displaying the submarine for generations to come. Ultimately the H.L. Hunley represents 5 significant stages of its history: its design and manufacture, its wartime service which culminated in its loss, its recovery; its excavation and long term conservation. Overlaying all of these stages are the interpretation of the significance of each and every facet of this history making vessel. This presentation was originally prepared by Mr. Paul Mardikian, the Senior Conservator of leading a teamed effort to preserve the H.L. Hunley. The presentation was made at the Fellows Breakfast 2007 in Detroit. Since then, Mr. Jon Tirpak has been granted permission by Clemson University to share this exciting story with Chapters of ASM International. This presentation will stitch together the past, present and future as he provides highlights to the vessel's construction, loss, recovery and preservation.

Dinner is buffet with choices of roast turkey, beef, rosemary redskin potatoes, Caribbean vegatables, salad, and desert.

On-line Registration is now closed. Please contact Joe Radisek at 216-692-5456 or Alex Derkaschenko at 216-692-6442 for information about late registration.

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Zay Jeffries Night

Monday, April 13th 2009

Zay Jeffries Night
Technical Chair: Cheryl Bowman

5:00 Social Hour with Appetizers
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Presentation:  The Effects of Grain Size on Strength, Toughness and
Fatigue of Metals

Dr. Stephen Antolovich –

Dr. Stephen Antolovich is a world recognized expert in experimental and theoretical fatigue and fracture mechanics with forty years of metallurgical experience. Professor Antolovich has authored over 100 archival articles in leading technical journals and books and has lectured in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Korea, and Japan. Prof. Antolovich has been adviser to over 50 graduate students, many of whom now occupy top positions in industry, government and academia. In addition to earning the admiration of his students, Dr. Antolovich has earned numerous teaching awards, served on countless advisory committees, and carried out funded research for dozens of organizations. His principal interests are fracture mechanics, fatigue, fracture, and deformation of engineering and model materials. He received his B.S. and M.S. from the University of Wisconsin in Metallurgical Engineering in 1962 and 1963 respectively and Ph.D. from the University of California (Berkeley) in 1966 in Materials Science. He was a lecturer at the Univ. of California, a professor at Univ. of Cincinnati, Director of the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Materials Engineering, Professeur Invite by CNAM University in Paris, and Director of the Washington State Univ. School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. He is a former Associate Editor of the Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology and still serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Failure Analysis and a key reader for Metallurgical and Materials Transactions. Currently Dr. Antolovich is Professor of Materials Science and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Washington State University and Professor Emeritus, School of Materials Science, Georgia Institute of Technology. He also holds appointments at Ecole des Mines, Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, Universite de Technologie de Compiegne in France for teaching, research, and student advisement (1976-present). He is also a Fellow Member of ASM International (1987) and ASME (2000).


Meeting Location:

Sheraton Rockside Hotel
Independence Room

Map to Sheraton Hotel

The Effects of Grain Size on Strength, Toughness and Fatigue of Metals

Zay Jeffries was one of America's outstanding metallurgists in the last century and combined very practical knowledge and abilities with a vision of what was really important.  Among his numerous positions, he served as the Head of Alcoa's research laboratories in Cleveland and was a consultant to and eventually head of GE's lamp division in Cleveland where he installed the first X-ray diffraction unit in US industry.  He was instrumental in founding the ASTM E4 committee on X-ray diffraction and developed the planimetric method for grain size measurement.  His first technical presentation  was entitled "On the Measurement of Grain Size " and was presented
at the February 1916 meeting of the AIME.  He was President of the ASM in 1941 and served as the Chairman of the Office of Production Management of Strategic Materials during WWII.

Dr. Jeffries recognized very early in the history of quantitative metallurgy, the extreme importance of grain size effects in metals.  In this talk, the effects of grain size on deformation, ductility, fracture, and fatigue will be discussed and in keeping with Dr. Jeffries approach, those materials and phenomena that are technologically important and scientifically interesting will be emphasized.  Examples of current research and practical applications made possible through understanding and control of grain size effects will be given for a broad range of technologies.

On-line Registration is now closed. Please contact Joe Radisek at 216-692-5456 for information about late registration. 

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Joint Meeting with Cleveland and Canton/Massillon Chapters

Thursday, February12th 2008
Joint Meeting with Cleveland and Canton/Massillon Chapters

5:45 Social Hour
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Presentation

Ned Tufekcic – founder of ProInvest Financial

ned tufekcic Ned Tufekcic, an entrepreneur like many of his clients, founded ProInvest Financial to serve specific needs of pre-retirees and business owners in northeast Ohio.

Since 1989, Ned has held sales and management positions in regional and national financial services firms. He started ProInvest Financial in July 2001 and has developed specialty seminars on business and financial planning for business owners, educators and pre-retirees.

Ned has a B.A. in arts and humanities from the University of Maryland. His post-graduate education is in international management. A naturalized American, Ned is a former board member of the American Croatian Business Association. He resides in Cleveland Heights.

Meeting Location

Holiday Inn Akron-West
4073 Medina Road
Akron, OH 44333
Hotel Front Desk: 330-666-4131

Located at I-77 and Route 18 in Fairlawn

holiday inn akron west

"What now that the capital markets have contracted?" 
The sub-prime mortgage crisis precipitated the global capital markets collapse in 2008 and had serious consequences for both global and domestic economies impacting corporations, governmental institutions, Wall Street and individual investors. What  is the current economic outlook for the coming year and how will the current situation impact the companies that rely on technology investment and will government intervention make a profound difference? This presentation will examine the roots of the cause, the current situation, the possible outcomes and the impact of it all on companies that rely technology and science.

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CWRU Materials Science & Engineering Department Tour

Monday, March 23rd 2009
CWRU Materials Science & Engineering Department Tour
Technical Chair: Prof. James McGuffin-Cawley

6:00 Dinner
7:00 Informal Talks
7:30 Department Tours

Overview and Tour of the Materials Science and Engineering Department at CWRU

The MSE department traces its origin back to the first four departments that made up the Case School of Applied Sciences, but it has regularly re-invented itself looking to the future. The "technical portion" of the evening will focus on parallel tours of key department facilities: The Swagelok Center for Surface Analysis; The Center for Mechanical Characterization of Materials; The Case Metal Processing Center; and the Electrochemical/Fuel Cell Labs. Time will probably permit attendance at two tours. Prior to the tours, a series of short informal talks including an overview of the department and short presentations by an undergraduate and graduate student.

Meeting Location

CWRU Materials Science & Engineering Department
White Building
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106

Download Campus Map

Dinner will be a Pasta Buffet including Caesar Salad, Two Pastas with Aromatic Basil Marinara & Creamy Garlic Alfredo, Garlic Bread & Rolls, Tiramisu and assorted desserts.


Pre-Registration is closed.  Walk-in registration will be permitted as space allows.

Sustaining Members’ Night, Technical Chair: Brad Lerch

Monday, January 12th 2008
Sustaining Members’ Night
Technical Chair: Brad Lerch

5:45 Social Hour
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Presentation:  NASA’s New Rockets: An Overview of the Constellation Program and the Ares Launch Vehicles

Scott Graham – Chief of Launch Systems Project Office, NASA Glenn Research Center

scott grahamScott R. Graham is the Chief of Glenn’s Launch Systems Project Office (LSPO), responsible for management of all of Glenn’s Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle (CLV) and Ares V Cargo Launch Vehicle activities.  Mr. Graham has over 27 years experience at NASA Glenn; primarily working in areas associated with space transportation, launch vehicles, exploration initiatives, and rocket propulsion.  He worked for one year (1990-1991) at NASA Headquarters as part of the agency’s Professional Development Program.  At Headquarters, Mr. Graham helped lead the agency’s nuclear propulsion technology program and other space technology efforts.

Meeting Location:

Sheraton Rockside Hotel
Skyline Ballroom

Map to Sheraton Hotel

NASA’s New Rockets: An Overview of the Constellation Program and the Ares Launch Vehicles

Following a brief overview of NASA's Vision for Space Exploration, Mr. Graham will describe NASA's plans to develop new human and cargo launch vehicles for the Constellation Program.  These new vehicles, Ares I and Ares V, will be used to return humans to the Moon in the next decade.  Ares I is the Crew Launch Vehicle that will be used to launch humans into low earth orbit.  Ares V is the heavy-lift cargo launch vehicle that will be used to launch the lunar lander and other cargo.  The presentation will include a short video animations depicting how these new vehicles will be used for future lunar exploration missions.  The Glenn Research Center's roles and responsibilities for Ares will also be discussed.


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