Constitution and Long Range Planning


  • To review existing Standing Committee Guidelines and  "Rules of Government" to make sure they are up to date and conform properly with the Constitution and Rules of Government and Chapter Operation Manual of ASM International.
  • To provide updates and revisions in existing Chapter Rules for Government for Executive Committee review and approval (2/3 vote needed for approval).
  • To develop and update the Chapter's Long Range Plan by taking into account the changes in member interest and Chapter functions.  New programs, projects, meeting sites, and Chapter organizational structure may be warranted. It is the responsibility of this committee to provide long range action plans to respond to these changes.


    In order to draw upon the knowledge of a recent chapter leader, the immediate past chairman is usually selected as the chairman of this committee. He in turn is responsible for staffing the committee.


  • Obtain file from the outgoing Committee Chairman.  Review contents prior to first Committee meeting.
  • August - Obtain file from the outgoing Committee Chairman and review contents prior to first Committee meeting.
  • July/August - Prepare tentative budget and submit to the Treasurer before the first Executive Committee meeting in August.
  • June - Distribute the updated "Rules for Government" and Standing Committee Guidelines to all Committee Chairmen and Chapter officers.
  • Prepare an annual report summarizing the year's activities for submission to the Executive Committee at the annual  business meeting in June.
  • June - Transfer the complete Committee file to the incoming Committee Chairman.
  • August through June - Review progress of Chapter and make any changes to Constitution and Long Range Plan required by changes within the Chapter, i.e., creation, combination or elimination of committees.
  • June or before - Transfer all committee guidelines and other updated information to Publications Committee in electronic format for posting to the Cleveland Chapter Web site.
  • Optional - ASM Headquarters has a Chapter Operations Manual with extensive guidelines for developing and updating the Chapter's Long Range Plan.  This manual can be ordered and should serve as a basis for this committee's planning activities.
  • Transfer the complete Committee file to the incoming Chairman.


  • Committee meeting expenses.
  • Correspondence and postage expenses.
  • Typing and copying expenses.