Cleveland Technical Societies Council (CTSC)


    The purpose of the CTSC Committee is to provide Cleveland Chapter ASM input to the conduct of this Council. The CTSC Committee provides the Cleveland Chapter with a voice within the Cleveland Technical Societies Council itself.


    The Committee is normally composed of one individual. This individual should be an experienced member of ASM who is familiar with the overall operation of the society and can impart this information to CTSC when intra society comparisons are made at the Board of Governors meetings. The CTSC Committee Chairman should interface with both the Chapter Student Affairs Committee Chairman and the Chapter Awards Committee Chairman.


    • Obtain file from the outgoing Committee Chairman.  Review contents prior to first Committee meeting.
    • Prepare tentative budget and submit to the Treasurer before the first Executive Committee meeting.
    • Obtain Executive Committee and Chapter officer input to the conduct and goals for this committee.
    • Interface with the Student Affairs Committee Chairman in setting up plant tours for Academic Achievement Award winners, Science Fair winners, their teachers and parents.
    • Interface with the Awards Committee Chairman to submit nominees for CTSC Awards.
    • Attend CTSC Committee meetings.
    • Report all pertinent CTSC activities and actions at all Chapter Executive Committee meetings.
    • Provide Chairman with information on the annual CTSC Awards Banquet.
    • Prepare an annual report summarizing the year's activities for submission to the Executive Committee at the annual  business meeting in June.
    • Transfer the complete Committee file to the incoming Chairman.



  • CTSC dues.
  • The meals at the CTSC dinner meetings.
  • Tickets for the annual CTSC banquet, normally five tickets for Chapter Officers and the CTSC represe