To provide a program for Chapter members and for the industrial community structured to present information of a technical, professional, or personal enrichment nature in a detailed manner warranting one or more special meetings including MEI (Materials Engineering Institute) courses.


The Committee should consist of at least three members to stimulate differing views on program content.


  • Obtain file from the outgoing Committee Chairman.  Review contents prior to first Committee meeting.
  • Prepare tentative budget and submit to the Treasurer before the first Executive Committee meeting.
  • Establish Committee goals and operating procedures.
  • Obtain Executive Committee input into Education Program content.
  • Have the first Committee meeting as early as possible.
  • Each Committee member should come prepared with a list of potential programs.
  • Outline the potential Chapter year Education Committee events.
  • Broadly determine the following:
    • Potential programs including specific topics
    • Speakers or instructors
    • Meeting location and dates
    • Program cost to the attendees
    • Assigned Chairman for each meeting
    • Date for follow-up meeting
  • Distribute the program rough draft to the Executive Committee as soon as possible for approval but no later than December 1.
  • Finalize the program within Executive Committee suggestions no later than early January .
  • Advise Publications, Program, and Registration Chairmen of educational programs at least two months prior to each  program.
  • Advise Publications Chairman to include education program on calendar of Chapter events and in the monthly newsletter.  The Publication Committee will also post the information on the Web site.  The Web site may also be used for on-line registrations.
  • Present following information to the Publications Committee two (2) months prior to a program.
    • Meeting abstract and/or outline.
    • Biographical sketch of speakers or instructors.
    • Photograph of speaker or other illustration
    • Location and dates of each meeting.
    • Meal
    • Cost.
  • Where possible educational program publications should be included with regular monthly meeting newsletter and posted to the Web site.
  • Advise Program and Registration Committees of required assistance.
  • Prepare an annual report summarizing the year's activities for submission to the Executive Committee at the annual business meeting in June.
  • Transfer the complete Committee file to the incoming Chairman.


  • Committee meeting expenses.
  • Publications costs.
  • Program revenues
    • Registration fees
    • Company contributions, i.e., hospitality sponsors
  • Program expenses
    • Meals
    • Room rentals
    • AV equipment rentals
    • Instructor expenses