To organize and implement programs to achieve and maintain an active and participating membership that will retain Cleveland Chapter ASM as a viable member of the technical community.


    The Committee should consist of a several members plus the Chairman.  These members should have broad company contacts.


    • Obtain file from the outgoing Committee Chairman.
    • Prepare tentative budget and submit to the Treasurer before the first Executive Committee meeting.
    • Establish Committee goals and operating procedures.  Review the Chapter Operations Manual (Membership Section) for ideas.
    • The established committee should serve the following functions:
      • Maintain present membership by contacting members who have not paid their dues and attempt to reinstate them.
      • Solicit new members by contacting area metal or material working, forming, or treating companies and area universities that are not represented in ASM.  Write letters to these companies summarizing benefits.  Follow up with personal contacts.
      • Solicit new Sustaining members by contacting area metal or material working, forming, or treating companies that are not represented in ASM.  Do not exclude individuals as potential Sustaining Members.  Review the present Sustaining Member benefits and make recommendations.
      • Construct a Chapter function Greeting Committee.  Introduce new members or faces to regular attendees.
    • Prepare formal written status reports for Executive Committee review.
    • Prepare a technical program for the Sustaining Members Night.  This has typically consisted of either a speaker at a formal technical meeting or displays by Sustaining Members at a more informal business exposition.
    • Prepare an annual report summarizing the year's activities for submission to the Executive Committee at the annual  business meeting in June.
    • Transfer the complete Committee file to the incoming Committee Chairman.

    • Cost of membership list up-date.
    • Committee meeting expenses.
    • Publications and postage (mail 3rd class whenever possible).
    • New member incentive programs including rebates for meals at technical meetings.
    • Subsidizing of meal cost for retirees and members at technical meetings.