The Publications Committee will be responsible for annually producing one Directory containing a listing of all members by October 31 of each year and eight newsletters corresponding to the eight technical meetings for the Chapter year.  The committee will also be responsible for soliciting advertisements for both the directory and newsletter.  This committee must work closely with the Program Committee, Educational Committee, Student Affairs Committee, and Nominating Committee to coordinate the Publications requirements of these committees.  The committee will also assist other committees needing to produce publications.


    The committee chairman should select a committee of several individuals who have broad company contacts to solicit advertising in the Directory and/or knowledgeable and capable of desktop publishing.  The membership will include individuals with the following responsibilities:
    • Editorial content for the directory
    • Editorial content for the newsletter
    • Maintaining the Chapter mailing list
    • Solicitation of advertisement in support of the directory and newsletter
    The committee may contract such work as is deemed appropriate to outside vendors with the consent of the Executive Committee or the Chapter Officers.


    • Obtain file from the outgoing Committee Chairman.
    • Prepare tentative budget and submit to the Treasurer before the first Executive Committee meeting.
    • Establish committee goals and operating procedures.  Be sure to establish deadlines for the Directory and Newsletter as early as possible.  Coordination with the Program Committee on the dates is required.
    • Establish advertisement solicitation procedures.  This activity may be contracted out.  If the work is contracted to an outside firm, the Committee will establish a written contract including all responsibilities of both the firm and the Chapter.
      • a) A method of solicitation would be to draft a letter to all previous Directory advertisers, companies with employees in ASM, and area companies involved in metal or materials working, treating, processing, or analysis, indicating the benefits associated with Directory advertisement and requesting sponsorship.
      • b) Include a contract for advertisement cost and conditions associated with Directory advertising, include a closing deadline for reserving advertising space.  Collect payment for advertising.
      • c) Assign a committee member to follow up on non-responding companies.
    • Obtain necessary photographs of Chapter Officers, Committee Chairmen, and Executive Committee as needed from Chapter Historian.
    • Obtain the most up-to-date membership listings and company affiliations from the Membership Secretary just prior to printing pages for directory mock-up.
    • Make a mock-up of the Directory including page assignments, Advertising, Table of Contents, Index to Advertisements, Membership Listings, Membership Affiliations, Company Listings, and Buyer's Guide.
    • Take the Directory mock-up to potential printers.  Review  the requirements and the required number of copies.  Obtain price quotes including envelopes and mailing charges.  Also determine if discounts can be obtained for having the same printer print the newsletters.
    • Select a printer and submit camera ready materials, artwork and photographs.
    • Proofread the printer "blueline" copies or equivalent and authorize printing.
    • Have the Directory mailed by a commercial mailing  house.  This can be done via the printer.
    • Send copies of the directory to all advertisers and  contacts. Include outstanding invoices.
    • Select a printer for the newsletter.  Typically this has been the same printer as used for the Directory.  Determine the lead time required by the printer and the mailing house to set deadlines for the newsletters.  Typically it will take two weeks to get the newsletter printed, three days to mail it, and one to two weeks to have it delivered via Third Class Bulk Mail.  Setting the deadline six to eight weeks prior to the meeting has worked well in the past.
    • Select the newsletter style, size, paper and ink no later than August.  Also determine what if any computer software and hardware upgrades need to be done prior to publishing the first newsletter.
    • Determine the method for submitting the newsletter to the printer.  In the past both hard copy and electronic versions of the newsletter have been used.  If a hard copy is submitted, the newsletter should be printed by a 600 dpi or better laser printer or an ink jet printer with coated paper.  Photographs and company prepared advertising should be submitted separately to the printer with the location clearly marked on the hard copy.  If an electronic format is used, determine the large capacity removable disk format required by the printer, i.e., PC formatted Iomega ZIP.  Submit all pages as Postscript files.  If the printer can accept other formats, include them as well.  Be sure to include all fonts with the Postscript files as well.
    • It is the responsibility of the Program Committee to provide information on the technical meeting speaker.  However, in the event that the speaker has been confirmed but the information is unavailable, it is the responsibility of the Publication Committee to publish what information is available or can be obtained from open sources such as biographies published onthe Web.  In the event the speaker has not been confirmed, the newsletter will be published without information on the speaker but will contain all information on meeting time and location.
    • Review and approve the printer’s "blueline" copy or equivalent.  Pay special attention to placement of ads, proper fonts, shading, inserted photographs, etc.  Changes in the newsletter at this point will cost additional money.
    • Determine if the Chapter requires a Third Class permit for mailings.  If required, the Publications Committee will pay the annual fee to the Post Office each January.  Currently the Detroit Avenue Printing (DAP) and Weekly’s Mailing House are maintaining permits for ASM.  The first newsletter will be sent First Class with the Membership Secretary’s return address to validate the integrity of the mailing list.  All other newsletters will be sent via Third Class.
    • Set up and maintain a World Wide Web site for the Cleveland Chapter.  It is the responsibility of the Publications Committee to select a company or organization to host the Web site.  The site is to be updated monthly with the announcement for the technical meeting, any social event announcements, any educational event announcements, recognition of members, the Chapter Bylaws, the Standing Committee Guidelines, a listing of officers, pictures supplied by the Chapter Historian of past meetings and similar events, job listings, Sustaining Members listings and any other content provided by the Chapter.
    • The Publications Committee will also provide an electronic version of the newsletter to the membership via electronic mail.  The newsletter will be provided in a widely usable format such as Adobe Acrobat files.  Wherever possible, mailing and printing costs will be minimized by encouraging members to receive only the electronic newsletter.
    •  Prepare an annual report summarizing the year's activities for submission to the Executive Committee at the annual business meeting in June.
    • Transfer the complete Committee file to the incoming Committee Chairman.


    • Expenses:
      • Committee meetings.
      • Advertising solicitation costs.
      • Directory preparation costs.
      • Newsletter preparation costs.
      • Printing costs.
      • Mailing costs.
      • Software.
      • Retainers.
      • Commissions.
    • Advertising income.