The Registration Committee is responsible for keeping complete attendance records of monthly meetings. Registration also includes supplying identifi-cation cards or tags and collecting fees where required.


    At least one (l) Committee member to carry out the required task in the Registration Chairman's absence.  The Registration Chairman is automatically a member of the Program Committee.


    • Obtain file from the outgoing Committee Chairman.
    • Prepare tentative budget and submit to the Treasurer before the first Executive Committee meeting.
    • Establish Committee goals and operating procedures.
    • Prior to September 1 - Check the supply of available identification badges.  At least 1000 should be on hand at the beginning of the year.  Reorder additional badges from Crestline  Co. Inc., 22 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10010, when the  supply reaches 500. To order: Ph: (800) 221-7797, Fax (800)  242-8290.  You must send a black and white sample to Crestline to illustrate the ASM logo and its position on the badge.
    • Correspond with the Program Chairman on the meeting locations.
    • Determine a policy for those who have a reservation but do not attend the meeting.  Communicate this policy to the Program Committee and have the Publications Committee publish it in the newsletter.  Past experience has indicated that the actual number of reservations is very close to the actual dinner attendance.  No-shows and no-reservation attendees tend to "equal out".  If the Chapter must pay for unused meals, instruct the Corresponding Secretary to invoice those who registered and did not attend.
    • Prior to September 15 - Check with the Education Committee to determine projected required assistance with items such as name badges.
    • Contact the Publications Committee to establish on-line registration for the technical meetings.
    • Distribute complimentary dinner tickets or equivalent for required functions.  These include the following:
      • Young Member’s Night
      • Sustaining Members Night
      • Past Chairman's Night
      • Awards Night
    • Submit a written report at all Executive Committee meetings outlining meeting attendance.
    • Prepare an annual report summarizing the year's activities for submission to the Executive Committee at the annual  business meeting in June.
    • Transfer the complete Committee file to the incoming Committee Chairman.


    • Payment for unsold meals.
    • Badges
    • Committee meeting expenses.